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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  May 13, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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carries on a different life. we are grieving over the loss of leila fowler and now having to deal with the reaction and this reality. >> reporter: the district attorney says they have not received the case. the charges from the sheriff's department. once that happens then we will know when the court appearance will take place. ken pritchett ktvu channel 2 news. >> the family was in the public eye during the investigation. the children lived with their father and stepmother in the home where leila fowler was found murdered. the mother gave an interview and said they were close and he would not have hurt her. >> he never like was ever mean to her. >> she said her son was protective of his sister.
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>> police expanded their search for a missing girl from the bay area who is autistic. mikaela lynch was last seen yesterday afternoon outside her parent's vacation home. she was playing in the yard of the home when she disappeared. has brown hair and blue eyes. d search teams have been going door to door and patrol is searching the lake by boat. we have a crew on the way and we will have more information later. university of california at berkeley police released more details on a homicide investigation. the man shot to death is 21 years old. officers say there was a dispute about 5:30 a.m. yesterday afternoon. the gunman left and then came back and shot the victim. he is latino or filipino, 5'8", bald head and weighs 200
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pounds. with an asian woman with long black hair. former school teacher is accused of having sex with a underaged girl. he met his victim at school and began having sex with her when she was 15. police say it didn't happen on school property. he is free on $200,000 bail. the search continues tonight for an ex-convict accused of killing his wife and daughters. they are looking for shane miller. they think he might be hiding in the conservation area. the search includes door to door searches. he has been on the run since last tuesday since they were shot and killed at their home. three firefighters are recovering after battling a house fire this afternoon.
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it broke out at a home about 12:30 p.m. this afternoon. crews got the fire under control by 2:30 p.m. the firefighters only suffered minoriaries and treated -- minoriaries and treated at the scene. the suspect in the february shooting and crash that killed three people on the las vegas strip says he wants to plead guilty. ammar asim faruq harris tried to enter the plea today to murder and attempted murder. however his lawyer ask that the plea be postponed. he said he needed a competency evaluation. we have been telling you about the broken bolts on the bay bridge for weeks now and today we learned the u.s. department of transportation will look over the shoulder of caltrans as it is corrected. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar joins us live from treasure island with how and
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why the feds became involved. >> this letter released is proof, bay bridge officials asked. >> with the tower almost in view now, questions about its integeracy -- integrity. >> we have a lot of folks looking at it but having another is something we think is important. >> reporter: this letter sent to the federal highway administration by the committee requested the feds expert eyeballs. the federal highway administration can justify the time and expense because the bridge is designated as part of the highway system. >> that distant look that folks have been asking for more and more and they have not been involved yet and they can look at the process we are
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undergoing. >> this process will recommend which bolts need to be replaced. if any can be replaced after they open and which that won't need replacing but monitoring after the bridge opens. >> they have been installed for a number of years and they have not exhibited that same trait to break. >> reporter: it will include other similar bolts all over the bridge. tom vacar ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco archbishop spoke out to immigration reform. standing along side family whose risked their lives to come to the country. [ speaking foreign language ] >> they told stories of their passages. one woman saw a mother and son
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die along the way. he blessed the gathering and called for a path way to citizenship. >> over 200 people in unmarked graves there. powerful symbol of the tragedy of what they are experiencing. >> the senate takes up a bill this week. agrologist meeting is set for -- a crucial meeting is set for tomorrow for the america's cup. we are learning more about the artemis racing boat that ripped apart killing one of the sailors. ktvu's health and science editor john fowler is live with more. >> reporter: on this doc near where they are preparing their second boat, investigators are looking at that crashed sail boat and its structure.
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the boat was simply too light, it was built too weak. >> as we showed you as the boat was brought on land you can see it is severely damaged. british double gold medalist andrew simpson downed. >> any support like that i think that you have risks. it is sad that someone died. absolutely. >> i wouldn't think it would happen again. >> all four teams will meet tomorrow to decide what changes to make. each boat is a different prototype. they were built differently than the others. >> the evidence suggests the boat was not strong enough for the purpose. come up with something that hasn't been built before and you don't know where the edge is till it is behind you.
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>> they are doing everything they can to mitigate the danger but i don't think they can do much more. >> reporter: they may change the course but it is out of the question to change the design. racing starts in 2 months but this may be the last america's cup with this design. health and science editor john fowler ktvu channel 2 news. special precautions have been made to protect the house in cleveland where three women were held for 10 years. a fence has been put around the home of ariel castro. investigators want to keep people out to protect evidence and angry vigilantes threatened to damage the home and blocking the windows and triple
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padlocking the doors. popular psychologist, columnist, and television and film personality joyce brothers has died. she was considered a pioneer in giving advice on television. she was a columnist for good housekeeping magazine and wrote the book what every woman should know about men. she died today in new york city. joyce brothers was 85 years old. doctors upgraded the condition of the last victim from the limousine fire on the san mateo bridge this summer. she survived. her condition has been upgraded from fairto good. investigators haven't said if they found the cause of the fire. an investigation found 2 dozen registered sex offenders serving as substance abuse counselors in california. they discovered 23.
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investigators say a check of the state's 36,000 drug abuse counselors would find a much higher number. california and pennsylvania are the only ones that are not required to do background checks. up next, o.j. simpson appears in court today and he looks different from the last time we saw them. plus, police cleared out protesters this morning but will they make good on a promise to return to try to farm the land once again. >> back here in 10 minutes, fog below the tower but we will see it stretch out tonight. cooler weather as we move forward. how much cooler in your neighborhood for tuesday? i will have the details back here in 10. but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back.
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happening now, protesters aren't giving up on trying to take over a piece of land owned by university of california at
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berkeley. police cleared them out but tonight they are coming back. ktvu's jade hernandez is live with what is going on right now. jade? >> reporter: frank i can tell you protesters gathered across the street. you can see some were here earlier this morning. they will decide whether to replant what was bulldozed this morning. they were angry when they were ordered to clear out. there are two squad cars watching over the land. officers have been out here all afternoon. protesters regarding what farmers planted on saturday, they were not about to leave. university of california at berkeley police stepped in making three arrests. they brought in a bulldozer clearing it out. university spokeswoman told me
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that they have ferepart of the area owned by the university for farmer but the rest has been slated for development. planners approved the land and construction is scheduled to begin next january. till then the university continues to reach out. demonstrators will decide what they plan to do and how they will move forward in this situation. another update at 6:00 p.m., jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. o.j. simpson was back in court today and he looks different from the last time we saw him. he wants a new trial. he is serving 33 years on an armed robbery conviction but he said he didn't get a fair trial. you can see o.j. simpson gained weight while in prison. he is scheduled to testify on wednesday. san jose plans to launch an
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attack on graffiti. the first target is this bridge over highway 1. they plan to paint over all this graffiti here. one homeless man watches them work every night and he doesn't believe the clean up will do any good. >> i guarantee you, they will clean it up, it will be back to the way it was within a week. it is a challenge for the taggers. >> they will close lanes below the bridges. most of the work is done between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. many students are surprised by another fee. 50-23 campuses require graduation fees. they are not new but many students don't expect them. east bay charges $45. san francisco $100. tuition money can only be used
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for instruction. amazon launched its money program, amazon coins and users anmes. nd the coins to buy apps lefi users will receive their first 500 coins for free, that is worth $5. people who buy coins can get a discount of up to 5%. on wall street, the dow is down 26 to 15,091. the nasdaq is up 2 at 3,438. the s&p is up 0.07 to 1,633. people who take the ferry to san francisco are expressing their opinions about increasing fairs. they want to add another morning ferry but it also includes new fees. most people feel it is a good idea and some say there is no
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reason for additional parking or fees. >> they force people with cars. they don'ha the s connections. no need expand parking. >> the shuttles were eliminated because there weren't enough passengers for them. it could be another tough wildfire season across the country. not only because of dry conditions but due to budget cuts. the 7.5% cut to the budget for the forest service means 500 fewer firefighters on the ground this year. a dry winter and early warming is already creating fire potential for arizona, new mexico, california and other west coast states. coming off a warm bay area weekend. we are ready for a cool down. let's go to our chief meteorologist bill martin. >> great mother's day weekend. today is a nice day as well.
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70s and 80s out there. but cooler. and it goes that way into the next 48 hours. cooler. the system off shore, you see it right here. off to see, actually. this area here. watch it again. backs up. spinning. that is a low-pressure system. as it bumps up against the coast, it takes the fog and presses it inland. if you look closely, ocean beach in san francisco, you are clear right now for the first time all day. golden gate park, fog is clear. fog coming back tonight. what happens is, we know this, as the low gets closer to us it releases the inversioning and stretches the -- inversion and stretches the fog out. there is the gap around here. low lying area. winds funnel across thoaand.
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at the airport, 20 miles per hour winds. that is a good wind for fire danger. the forecast for tonight, as the low gets closer making everything blow up so the fog pushes inland for tomorrow morning. as you get going tomorrow, you got fog. we had it this morning but more tomorrow. highs today, 80s, they are all coming down. most temperatures tomorrow in the 70s. warmest spots in the -- 83, 84, 5. right, those are the hot spots. most in the 70s. the highs, representing temperatures using colors. reds are 90s. in the central valley. oranges are 80s. cop cord, livermore. -- concord, livermore. and along the coast. 70s. i love this map. there is the heat.
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there is the cool. this map will change as we go through the week. some of the reds come back way into the 5 day. we will talk about that. tuesday, you got temperatures like these. 80s. mid-80s towards concord. clayton. hottest spots, discovery bay, fresno, morgan hill, upper 80s. when i come back i will have the bay area forecast and the high for your neighborhood for tuesday. you probably never seen or heard of this. >> oh, my god. look. >> an ice tsunami. while it looks like it is doing a slow creep, you will be surprised by the damage it caused. >> a boost for a bay area super bowl. companies coming forward with
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a minnesota homeowner caught this video of an ice tsunami. winds -- tsunami. winds blew the ice. smashed up against some homes. >> sounded like shattering glass because it was pushing and breaking and pushing and
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breaking. 7 minutes to go 15 feet. unbelievable. >> one home was d when the ice breck through a -- bre the home. some of the biggest names are pledging $30 million to fund the bay area super bowl bid. ktvu's david stevenson is live in san francisco with why the presentation of the super bowl pitch is getting a lot of attention. david? >> reporter: that's right. san francisco bay area's bid for the super bowl is getting a big assist tonight from tech companies ahead of the big announcement. >> the team heading the bid announced a field goal. >> we raised $30 million in commitments and pledges to bring the super bowl to the bay area. >> google, apple, hewlett- packard and yahoo. 25% of the pledges go towards
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youth programs and programs programs and charities. >> the corporations are getting lot out of this. it will bring in hundreds of millions of dollars. >> reporter: san francisco submitted their bid on ipad minis donated by apple for the owners. contrast that with the america's cup race that struggled to close a $20 million fundraising gap. >> america's cup had the challenge of introducing a new support. we are used to the super bowl in the bay area. america's cup host is different. >> reporter: university of california at berkeley professor says with a new 49ers stadium and winning teams the timing is right for the bay area. he cautions super bowl benefits often don't materialize after the 4th quarter. >> promises are made that are at best transitory and don't
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end up adding up to the kinds of benefits that will take place. >> reporter: san francisco's coittee has 15 minutes to convince national football league owners next tuesday. they will vote that day for miami or sanfrancisco bay area. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 ne > oyster farm resumes tomorrow in a courthouse in san francisco. judges will hear arguments. the farm operates along point res national seashore and the owner wants to over turn a decision to shut the operation down. the issue divided residents and also gained national attention over the use of federal land. officials say 2012 was the deadliest year for west nile.
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the cdc says it killed 286 people in the united states last year. that is 2 more deaths than the previous record set back in 2002. officials say hotter than normal temperatures boosted mosquito populations but there were fewer over all cases of people getting sick. we want it know who knew what when, heads will have to roll. >> the scandal heats up, how the president is responding. >> and disney is giving a makeover to the star of the movie brave and we just spoke to the creator of the movie, why she is calling the -- why she is calling the changes sexist.
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we have breaking news right now out of the sierra. a high-speed chase ended when a car plowed into workers on interstate 80. it began this afternoon and hit speeds of 100 miles per hour. the chp was chasing a bmw after wild turns the car lost control, slammed into a construction crew. two members of the california conservation core work crew were injured. the driver was killed in the accident. right now westbound interstate 80 is closed while the chp investigates that accident. no word on when it will be reopened. a detour has been set up. for the first time the president is speaking about the irs scandal. the report from washington on the outrage in the house
5:31 pm
and from white house opponents. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. >> reporter: president obama addressed the scandal. the irs admits it put the tea party under the microcope. the irs required more paper work from the tea party and scrutinized groups that edgeicated people about the constitution. but the commissioner testified otherwise last year. >> there is absolutely no targeting. this is what happens. >> the contradiction is setting off a firestorm, especially with tea party groups. >> we want to know who knew what when. heads will roll. this is absolute suppression of civil liberties. >> reporter: president obama says the irs must be neutral. >> you should feel that way regardless of party. >> reporter: he says he is waiting for the full audit
5:32 pm
before making moves against the irs. >> it is outrageous. contrary to our traditions and people have to be held accountable and it has to be fixed. >> house speaker nancy pelosi said there is no place for this inappropriate activity in the irs or by its employees. ktvu channel 2 news. president obama down played the controversy over how his administration handled the attackts -- attacks in benghazi, libya last summer. the role was larger than the white house previously acknowledged. >> the whole issue of talking points throughout this process is a side show. >> the committee announced they will expand their investigation
5:33 pm
and interview the two men who led the review of the u.s. response. in washington tonight thousands of law enforcement officers are holding a candlelight vigil for those who died in the line of duty. among those to be honored, he was gunned down while making a traffic stop. and it will remember a sheriff's deputy. he was killed while serving an eviction notice in april of 2012. woman has been charged in a deadly head on crash that killed a man last week. the california highway patrol says she was driving drunk. she has been charged with voluntary manslaughter while intoxicated. he was killed in the crash on may 3. john mcafee is back inthe
5:34 pm
news. in his first interview since he fled, he said he is working on movies and books to make money. he is tired of technology. from his home in oregon he said he did not kill his neighbor. he claims he was framed because he refused to pay a $2 million bribe to authorities. a last second eccourt apeel -- second court appeal. it is aimed at delaying a ruling the morning after pill can be sold to any girl without a prescription. the judge said politics is behind the age restriction. two new guardians stand outside the museum in san francisco. workers unloaded and installed a pair of lion sculptures today. they weigh 800 pounds east and cast in the 1800s.
5:35 pm
they are traditional guardian figures of a type that would have been found outside of a temple in japan. >> they were a memorial gift. the heroin from brave is getting a makeover. one that is angering fans that loved her just the way she was. ktvu's rob roth spoke with the creative and she says the changes are sexist. >> reporter: the filmmaker who directed the movie brave said she isn't happy with what disney has done. >> she won an oscar for best animated feature for the movie brave. the main character is based on her daughter. >> watching her grow up and looking around and seeing teens
5:36 pm
that have realistic bodies is what we modeled her after. >> but disney is giving her a makeover. she says it gives her a barbie look rather than a character girls can relate to and it will likely appear on merchandise disney comes up with. she signed a petition directed at disney that has 100,000 signatures objecting to the new look. >> what i am finding is that it is another -- i don't know, seems sexist to me. >> reporter: we asked several mothers what they thought of the change. >> girls grow up in a image obsessed culture as it is. they don't need reinforcement.
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>> reporter: we asked disney for a quality and they haven't responded -- comment and they haven't responded. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. another state on the verge of making history. where it will become legal for same-sex couples to get married. >> property, money, just sitting there, waiting for someone to pick them up. the office in california housing a billion dollars in unclaimed items. medications? i don't know. last immunization shots?
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minnesota took a step closer to becoming the next state to allow same-sex marriage. they passed a gay marriage bill. supporters erupted in cheers. the governor promito sign the bill. that could happen tomorrow. minnesota will become the 12 straight to allow same-sex marriage. new orleans police are looking for three gunman who opened fire during a mother's day parade. 19 people were wounded. three are in critical condition. police hope this surveillance video of the shooting and a $10,000 reward will lead to an arrest. hard to tell if the gunman was picking targets randomly or trying to hit specific people. a judge okayed a settlement between sketchers and people
5:41 pm
involved in a lawsuit. the lawsuit allege they made claims about its toning shoes. they will reimburse 520,000 people who bought shape ups, resistance runners, padded soul shoes and tone ups. they ran ads that claimed they would help them lose weight. a judge in colorado put off a decision on whether to allow the suspect in the movie theater massacre to change his plea. in march a judge entered a not guilty plea but they now have evaluations that support an insanity plea. he opened fire inside a movie theater last july. it collects your muppie and -- money and holds the money
5:42 pm
that goes unclaimed. you may be surprised at how much is out there and the portion that belongs to the government. >> there is fog along the coast. clearing right now at ocean beach but the fog is coming back. temperatures are changing. how much cooler tomorrow and the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. back in 10 minutes.
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california may be struggling for money but the amount of unclaimed money is
5:45 pm
mind-boggling. a billion dollars just sitting. ktvu's claudine wong uncovers how the board that collects your taxes is sitting on more uncashed checks than anyone else. >> this neckless worth thousands of dollars waiting to be claimed. maybe it was left in a safe- deposit box. here is gold bars, 1,462 an ounce. this babe ruth card. all these items are in the unclaimed property vault and if you can prove they are yours they will hand them over. >> reporter: looking for missing money, this is a good place to start. where lost assets like closed savings accounts are held till someone claims them. >> i was looking for money
5:46 pm
because i lost my job. >> reporter: he needed cash so he logged on to the state controllers website. he found money for the sate of california. . >> we are in a budget crisis. somebody should be able to find that money. >> the state of california is sitting on $6.4 billion in unclaimed properties. 1.2 belongs to government agencies. more than $70,000 is listed for the board of equalization. >> my reaction is whose money is it. >> reporter: he told us only a portion of the money actually belongs to the board. >> most of the money belongs to taxpayers. >> reporter: some of the money is refunds that belong to small businesses. >> we will chase down some of
5:47 pm
these people. >> reporter: fee wound agencies who had more money. dmv $73,000. caltrans $100,000. university of california 119,000 waiting to be cashed in. state bar of california 126,000. and topping the list, the franchise tax board, the agency that collects your income taxes has more than $483,000. 38% of the total we found. they say they have a system in place and in the last year claimed a million. it makes him wonder why. >> nobody is watching our dollars. >> reporter: claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. non-stick cook wear and
5:48 pm
microwave popcorn is linked to heart disease. the fda says popcorn bags contain high levels of pfoa. more research needs to be done but try to minimize exposure. students put together an interesting map based on hateful tweets. it shows concentrations of tweets across the u.s. this is for homophobic tweets. the students say orange county, california had the most but due to the high level of over all twitter activity those hateful tweets are not prominent on this map. >> reporter: is there a new star in space? [ music ] [ singing ]
5:49 pm
>> you don't see that every day. performing his version of space oddity and he is doing it on board the international space station. how about that? he is on his way back to earth after serving as the commander and while he was up there he recorded an entire album. >> great. back to our chief meteorologist bill martin who has good news for all of us who were sweating it out over the weekend. >> we got temperatures trending downward. but it has been nice. nice run. fog, you can see it shows up around half moon bay. see it here? clear in pacifica right now. clear in san francisco -- pardon me, the beach at san
5:50 pm
francisco. warm, 87 degrees in antioch. 85 in fairfield. but fog comes back tonight. things cool down. i showed you the low-pressure system. it will release the inversion along the coast. that is the mechanism for cooling. this is the deal. this weekend was warm. inversion was shallow. fog around the golden gate bridge. what happens tonight and tomorrow, it gets deeper. over the coastal hills. over 1,000 feet it goes over the hills, you have seen that, right, moves into the inland valley. that is happening tomorrow. highs today, 93 in antioch. tonight, more fog. more fog tomorrow morning. extended forecast, clouds that come in to the forecast towards the end of the week. it cools down, coastal clouds
5:51 pm
this high-pressure system ais the culprit for the immediate cooling in the next 12 hours and through the day tomorrow. temperatures slightly down tomorrow. highs, 86 in clear lake. still warm. closer to the coast, more 60s and mid-70s. like in hayward. more fog when you wake up. air quality is good. fire danger is always high but takes a break. we head into a neat looking week. except with the five-day forecast, fogs creep in wednesday and thursday. partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the hot spots in the 70s. just in time for next weekend. we had a good run of weekends. weekend look goods. clouds and cooler. good for fire danger and air quality. a little girl survive as kidnapping attempt. the move she made to esca
5:52 pm
from a moving car. ; ♪ ♪
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head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. a sacramento girl is scraped up but safe after she escaped from a kidnapper. police released this sketch. he is 25-30, light brown skin and braids or dread locks. she was walking with her mother saturday afternoon. the man pulled up in a dark
5:55 pm
sedan, grabbed the girl and threw her in the trunk but the girl got out and jumped from the moving car a mile away. >> she ran to my husband and said she stole me. he didn't close the trunk because her leg was there. she was treated at a hospital. the federal trade commission is repeating a warning about fake phone charges. they are investigating a practice called cramming on cell phone bills. some third party companies are putting charges on customers bills and customers don't even know the charges are there. >> we encourage consumers to look at their phone bills, check for uns thered charges. -- unauthorized charges. >> the ftc sued a company for charnels related to text
5:56 pm
messages with tips on how to flirt. officials say the company signed people up without their consent. the city counsel is set to consider a new smoking ordinance at parks and plazas. it was expanded after officials got complaints from residents and businesses about smoking. it includes all city parks, smaller than 5 acres. family members are in a fog as they try to deal with an arrest of a 12-year-old, the brother of leila fowler who is accused of her murder. the clues neighbors say that didn't add up. >> and a neighborhood is being swallowed up by a sink hole. the mystery that is prompting a call for help from local leaders.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. a town divided a family in disbelief. talking to neighbors and friends tonight about the stunning arrest of a 12-year- old boy accused of stabbing his
5:59 pm
8-year-old sister to death. good evening. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am gasiafrank -- hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> they are thparents are trying to come to grips with the rest of their son. ktvu's ken pritchett is live where students and neighbors say the community there is in shock tonight. ken? >> reporter: the father of leila fowler says he believes his son is innocent and that opinion will not change till he says evidence. but the neighbors said that the boy's arrest came as no surprise. >> reporter: as school let out students reacted to the rest of leila fowler's brother. a 12-year-old 7th grader. >> i wasgoodfriends with him. like -- like he never said he had problems. >> i hung out with him. once i found out i was shocked.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: leila fowler was stabbed multiple times at her home more than two weeks ago. her brother said an intruder did it. >> we had our suspicions the whole time. it is horrible to see something like that. >> a neighbor says the intruder story fell apart. >> two hours after the sheriff came here they had dogs trying to get a scent. couldn't get a scent. >> her dog barks at strangers constantly and it was quiet that day. >> no screams. no nothing. dogs did about bark. >> reporter: she seen the brother walking up and down the road. >> it hurts. you know, you got a 12-year-old kid, his life is ruined. you know, plain and simple. >> reporter: the district attorney hasn't yet rece


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